Conversation Starter - 12oz
Conversation Starter - 12oz
Conversation Starter - 12oz
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Conversation Starter - 12oz

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Tiramisu | Walnut | Tropical

12oz | Nayarit, Mexico

Conversation Starter is our flagship coffee, served on drip daily in our Cafe. and represents 4 different farming communities who we are building relationships with in Nayarit Mexico, as well as the hard work of over 200 Mexican Coffee farmers. Designed to be a smooth daily drinker, we find the rich Tiramisu-like chocolate and walnut pairs perfectly with an almost tropical fruit acidity. We find a cup of this coffee, to be the perfect starting point for talking about your mental health. 

Our Conversation Starter Blend is made up of coffees sourced from 4 separate yet unified communities of coffee farmers in the mountains of Nayarit, in Western Mexico. 

Represented in our Blend are The Following Coffee Producing Communities and Societies:
El Cuarenteño – El Cuarenteño is a rural community located in the foothills of Sierra de San Juan, just west of Tepic. The area was initially settled in 1910. Most farmers here grow avocados in addition to coffee as their primary source of income. Its population is 683 people and its altitude 1020 meters. El Cuarenteño is home to the Grupo Terruño Nayarita societies of PROCAA, RIVIERA, and BASILIO. Mondo Novo, Caturra, and Criollo coffee varieties are found here.
Cordón del Jilguero Cordón del Jilguero is a small agricultural community north of Tepic with a population of 228. Residents grow coffee, pineapples, and jigüite (a green palm-like plant used in decorative flower arrangements in the United States and Mexico). Cordón is home to the newest Grupo Terruño Nayarita society: CAFEICO.
La Yerba – Like its neighbor El Cuarenteño, the economy of La Yerba is tied to avocado and coffee prices. With one harvest immediately following the other, there are only a few months a year where farmers have guaranteed income. Population: 786. La Yerba is home to the ASTAL society, which doesn’t currently own a wet mill. Thus all coffees grown and harvested here are processed as naturals.
Huaynamota – Huaynamota is a small community of 523 people in the mountains northwest of Tepic. Most of its inhabitants self describe as mestizo (mixed race) with blood of the indigenous Huichol that inhabit the area. The town has old origins, being first established as a hacienda (plantation) during the colonial era. Home to the TAMBOR society, farmers here also grow mangos, bananas, and corn. Like in La Yerba, there’s no wet mill in Huaynamota, and all its coffees are dried as naturals.


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